Top Five Uses of CBD Extracts

For hundreds of years, humans have used the cannabis plant for a variety of purposes. Hemp can be used to make everything from jeans to houses. The most well-known compound within cannabis, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, has been used both medicinally to treat things like insomnia and Crohn’s Disease, and for recreation to feel relaxed or get “high.” Now, many are learning of the therapeutic and health benefits of another one of the plant’s compounds, CBD, or Cannabidiol. For the past few decades, extensive research has been done into the health and medicinal effects of CBD, and the findings show enormous promise for this miracle plant. Here are the top five uses of CBD extracts.

1. Pain and inflammation relief

Maybe the most popular health use for CBD is to relieve pain and inflammation. Several studies have concluded that consuming CBD has helped suppress the creation of certain proteins that can cause inflammation and pain in joints, muscles, and limbs. It also induces the creation and spread of regulatory cells that protect the body’s immune system from attacking itself. This means CBD can be used to treat arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and auto-immune disorders.

2. Stress and anxiety relief

Another common use for organic CBD hemp oil is its ability to combat stress, anxiety, and depression. Studies have found that participants who consume CBD before a public speaking engagement show signs of less or no anxiety, compared to those who haven’t consumed any CBD. The compound works by reacting with the brain’s serotonin receptors, which are responsible for controlling mood. Consuming CBD has also been found to reduce the number of C-reactive proteins in the body, which is normally found in very high levels when an individual is suffering from stress.

3. Fighting cancer

Researchers have found that using CBD in conjunction with typical cancer treatments can enhance the effects, and CBD extracts and oils can be used to reduce the pain caused by traditional treatments like chemotherapy. Patients suffering from nausea and vomiting induced by chemo were able to relieve the pain by using CBD, and some studies have even found that concentrated CBD oil has anti-cancer properties.

4. Promoting bone health

As we age, bone health becomes more and more important, and CBD extracts have been proven time and time again to help in fighting bone diseases like Osteoporosis. First, CBD helps fight inflammation which can take a toll on our bone joints, and CBD also repairs cells that help fight disease, but furthermore, studies have found that CBD can actually make our bones stronger and aid in the repair of bone fracture.

5. Promoting heart and cardiovascular health

We already know that CBD helps fight inflammation, including cardiac inflammation, which can deter healthy cell death, but CBD can also lower blood pressure and resting heart rate. Heart disease is no laughing matter, and more than half of all Americans suffer from high blood pressure. A safe and effective treatment like CBD could not only change your life but could change the world.

The top five uses for CBD extracts depends on the treatments and benefits you are personally looking for, and this is far from a comprehensive list. There are many other benefits to using CBD, and even more have yet to be discovered.