Things to Ask Yourself When Planning a Greenhouse

For a lot of gardeners, a greenhouse is a very tempting thing to have especially when you live in an area that has a seasonal climate or unfavorable weather for growing your own plants. With a greenhouse, gardeners are able to enjoy a secluded space that has the right setting for plants to grow healthily no matter the weather conditions or the season making gardening a whole year round fun endeavor. However, while greenhouses provide a great advantage to gardeners, they also come with a responsibility and if you are willing, you have to be able to plan out your greenhouse well.

Greenhouse Construction

greenhouse gardening

When deciding to have a greenhouse, you have to know how you want it to be. Greenhouse design has to be well thought of so that it can properly house all your plants and be able to keep them cozy inside. To help you in planning out your greenhouse, here are things that you should first ask yourself.

  1. How big of a greenhouse do you want? – Obviously you will want to be able to house all of the plants that you want in your greenhouse so you may want to get the biggest greenhouse within your budget or depending on the space that you have for it in your yard. Take note that it is more cost effective to get a larger greenhouse at the start compared to getting a small greenhouse and upsizing it later. Your space will always be filled eventually.
  2. How will you heat the greenhouse? – Greenhouse design should incorporate a method of heating the entire space. Heating is very important for a greenhouse especially when the colder season sets in. Without proper heating the plants would suffer from the drop in temperature and die. Ways to heat the greenhouse include the use of propane, natural gas, gas, and also electricity. Choose whatever you prefer or what is available.
  3. What siding and framing materials should be used in the build? – The kind of siding that you choose for your greenhouse design will affect the efficiency of the structure and also the costs. Sidings serve to diffuse light throughout the space and also provide insulation keeping the plants inside the greenhouse warm. In addition to the sidings, a proper frame material should also be chosen. The frame should be able to support the siding you choose and withstand the elements.
  4. Will you set up a foundation? – While any kind of foundation used in other structures can be used in the design of your greenhouse, generally it doesn’t need to be a full on concrete foundation. In greenhouse design, however, it is nice to have some sort of surface features between the benches in the greenhouse. Take note that the kind of surface you set up has to have some friction as the humidity in the greenhouse can make things wet and smooth concrete can be slippery in those conditions. A good foundation should also have draining capability to ensure that no water becomes stagnated and can flow out freely of the greenhouse.