Reasons Why You Should Avoid Cheap Vape Pens

If you want a great vaping experience, then stick to the real deal. If you are going to stock up on your vape pens then consider Wholesale vape pens. This way you are going to have exciting vaping experiences for a long time.

Unfortunately there are instances when you could be stuck with a lot of vape pens because you wanted to stock up by buying bulk Vape  pens but ended up with cheap and poorly made ones. When initially using such vape pens you might not notice anything out of the ordinary yet. However, it doesn’t take long before you realize that you hoarded cheap stuff. If you are the seller, then your customers will no doubt let you know after a while the kind of useless stuff you are selling.

It is the cheap vape pens that blow off, burn their cartridges and the pens soon require replacement. This is why you must avoid cheap vape pens and more reasons why you should do this are further outlined below.

  1. They overheat or underheat

When they overheat of course the metal parts heat up and end up producing metallic oxides which you end up breathing in. Cheap vape pens are commonly known for heating up too much or not heating up enough.  The overheating might result in health problems because you because the metal gets too much heat more than its tolerance threshold and eventually resulting to the toxic chemicals. Also, the batteries might refuse to heat up enough and this will no doubt cause a problem with the concentrate. The contents might not vaporize when there isn’t enough heat and this will no doubt deprive you of the pleasurable vaping experience that you are supposed to have.

  1. Contain bad batteries.

The same way faulty cars and phones explode, vape pens are no exception, and they explode too. There have been cases reported of e-cigs exploding and countless accounts online currently talking about how vape pens blew up, sparked, caught fire or shorted out. You will never find a good vape pen with bad batteries. This is why you should avoid the cheap and poorly made ones and instead stock up on a couple of good quality wholesale oil vapes.

  1. You will want to fix them and not replace them.

The likelihood of your vape pen malfunctioning is high and when it finally happens after using it for a short while, you will not want to replace it because that will cost money. So the next best thing you will do is try and find a solution online.  The DIY repairs you will be offered online by other users might not be the best and most likely you will make your Vape pen unsafe for using. After repairing, it might break, produce air gaps or have other problems which you could have avoided if you had replaced it with a better quality one.

  1. Cheap vape pens cost more

When you encounter cheap vape pens being sold chances are you will spend more on the bulk vapes because you want to stock up for personal use or for sale. When you discover that you have bought a load full of useless vape pens it is too late. You will spend additional money replacing them much to your dismay.

Now that you know the harm that cheap and poorly-made vape pens can do, find only the best vape pens that money can buy. That is of course if you want to have the perfect vaping experience.