Medical and Recreational Marijuana in Edgewater

edgwater medical dispensaryMarijuana in Edgewater

The state of Colorado has enjoyed legal marijuana for just over five years, and Denver still gets the bulk of the media attention for the accessibility of its cannabis dispensaries. Edgewater, however, has a burgeoning marijuana industry, and it has been called an upcoming “marijuana capital”.

Edgewater, unlike Denver, still has a small-town feel to it. The city embraced the marijuana business immediately upon legality. However, legalization hasn’t decreased the quality of life that residents enjoy in Edgewater – in fact, it has increased it.

Spending the tax revenue

Edgewater isn’t dependent on the tax revenue it makes from cannabis sales, but this has led to many improvements in the community. Notably, Edgewater recently built a new civic center to house the police station, a community fitness center, a new and improved library, and offices for Edgewater city workers. Before this project was completed, police officers were working out of an old, dilapidated butcher shop that didn’t have enough room for evidence storage.

But a new civic center isn’t all that Edgewater has to show for the acceptance of marijuana businesses.

The streets of Edgewater likely wouldn’t have been re-paved so quickly if it weren’t for the revenue brought in by the cannabis industry. As well as roads, sidewalks have also been repaired. And aside from infrastructure, new university students are eligible to receive scholarships funded by cannabis tax revenue.

In addition to the improvements made in the community, there hasn’t been any increase in crime.

Regulations in Edgewater

Although medical marijuana is legal, there are certain limitations on buying and consuming it in the city.

Though you can do (almost) whatever you want in the privacy of your own home, you’re unable to consume marijuana in public areas. This extends even to car services or any other customer service area, regardless of if it’s indoors or out.

Edgewater also doesn’t allow public consumption areas like marijuana coffee houses —-not yet at least.

A consumer also isn’t allowed to buy marijuana to their heart’s content. At a dispensary, residents of the state are only able to purchase up to an ounce at a time. Non-residents can only purchase up to ¼ of an ounce at a time.

One of the benefits of marijuana dispensaries in Edgewater is their closing times. Denver regulates the hours of operation within the city limits, causing Denver dispensaries to close at 7pm, if not a little earlier. Edgewater has no such limitations, and dispensaries can be open until midnight. This makes scheduling your trip a lot more convenient.

Medical marijuana

As of February 2019, there are over 80,000 medical marijuana patients in Colorado.

In order to become a medical marijuana patient, you need a recommendation from your doctor. You’ll also need to see your doctor at least once a year in order to renew your card-holding status.

Upon becoming a medical marijuana patient, you’re able to designate a medical dispensary to be your marijuana provider. This can even give you access to exclusive discounts and specials.