How to Start Working in the Closed Loop Extractor Segment

Are you prepared to jump in the lab and to take the heat that may be present in your proverbial kitchen? Are you prepared to learn what a closed loop extractor system is and what it can do for your vital job within the cannabis industry?closed loop extractor

Perhaps you are prepared to handle durable but somewhat complex machinery such as a BHO extractor; or you may just be interested in spending time studying the different processes of the extracting aspect of the industry.


Do you want to be able to talk to your friends and possibly brag about how you are able to use closed loop butane extractors to produce product that is in demand by a lot of people every single day?

To summarize this: do you want to have one of the coolest jobs within the industry from a technical standpoint?

If so, then you just might be right for the role of being an extraction technician within the marijuana industry.

We’ve done some research into this role and we’ve dug up some interesting information for you to work in the BHO extractor segment.

Extraction Technician Information

You may have to deal with equipment such as a closed loop extractor and you may have to understand why it is important to be a part of that segment of the industry.

The job can be quite sequential as you are operating in a refined environment and are expected to act with utmost professionalism and to conduct your job in a manner that will yield maximum results with your processes related to butane extractors.

Your employers don’t have time to play around, they need to know that you are going to be a valuable asset and that you will be able to bring in assistance and help them grow each and every single day that you are at work with your BHO extractor assignments.

Most employers require that their lab technicians have a few years of experience as an extraction technician. They will want you to be experienced in cannabis chemistry and organic chemistry as well.

This means that you might want to take some organic and inorganic chemistry courses and see how they can directly relate to the closed loop extractor sector.

You will want to network with your professors while you are at school and with other professionals within the industry to get a leg up and understand the different happenings as they progress so that you can come prepared and be able to provide help from day one.

Lab technicians can help in different aspects of production, processing, refinement of the products and the systems that the particular company has in place.

You may not always have the ability to work by yourself. As a matter of fact, it is unlikely that you will work by yourself when you start out. This will come as a sigh of relief for most you as you would want to have assistance in the form of a mentor who can help you and guide you.

After a little while, you will be well on your way to using esoteric equipment such as closed loop butane extractors and will be able to tell people what you do in the context of the general marijuana field.