How to Grow Marijuana Outdoors with Marijuana Potting Soil

Things are much different now than they were just ten years ago. Marijuana used to be outlawed everywhere besides Amsterdam. Now, Throughout all of Cannabis Living soilCanada and throughout many states in the United States, marijuana is now legal to use both for medical purposes as well as for recreational purposes. People who live within legal lands can now not only consume marijuana but now they can even grow their own plants. Which leads to the question of whether you should grow your marijuana plant inside or should you grow your marijuana plant outside. There are many things to consider about whether you live somewhere suitable for outdoor marijuana growth, including both climate and security as well as privacy. If you live somewhere where there is adequate outdoor security and privacy in a legal country or state you might want to consider growing your plant outdoors. Here is how to grow your marijuana plant outside.


Go ahead and go get yourself some good organic marijuana soil. A good place to check for some is Spiked Soil. They have marijuana living soil and many other soils that are made specifically for growing marijuana plants. In general, soil is made up of clay, sand and silt in various ratios. Marijuana plants like soil that is well-drained, slightly acidic and rich with organic matter.


Give your plants plenty of water once you have the saplings transplanted into the ground with the new organic soil that you purchased and filled a large hole that you have dug previously. The hole that you dig for your marijuana plant should be fairly deep. Fill them halfway up with super-powered soil then the top half filled with marijuana potting soil. Even though outdoor marijuana plants will benefit from the fact that mother nature will provide it with some rain and groundwater, you will still have to water your marijuana plants pretty often. You will have to water even more frequently during the hotter months of the year and you will have to water even more if you are living in an arid environment that doesn’t get much natural precipitation. A large marijuana plant can consume up to ten gallons of water each and every day in warmer weather.


Lastly, protect your marijuana plants. If you are about to experience a sharp drop in temperature and your marijuana plants are at risk of getting some frost on them, make sure you cover them with special plant blankets and coverings. If you are going to have a dry and hot spell, make sure you are giving your plants extra water. Also, make sure you protect your marijuana plants from animals and potential thieves by building a large fence or wire cage around your marijuana plants. Once your plants get large and start to develop buds, many people will want to grab your goods. Make sure they are secure so that only you can reap the benefits of all of your hard work!  Growing your marijuana plants yourself will leave you with the satisfaction that only building something from scratch can provide. Give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it!