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What to Expect During Your First Marijuana Dispensary Trip

With the legalization of marijuana being relatively new, there’s a good chance you haven’t gone to a dispensary yet. It can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re new to smoking, or just new to the legal marijuana scene. Here … Continue reading

Medical and Recreational Marijuana in Edgewater

Marijuana in Edgewater The state of Colorado has enjoyed legal marijuana for just over five years, and Denver still gets the bulk of the media attention for the accessibility of its cannabis dispensaries. Edgewater, however, has a burgeoning marijuana industry, … Continue reading

Top Five Uses of CBD Extracts

For hundreds of years, humans have used the cannabis plant for a variety of purposes. Hemp can be used to make everything from jeans to houses. The most well-known compound within cannabis, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, has been used both medicinally … Continue reading

Things to Ask Yourself When Planning a Greenhouse

For a lot of gardeners, a greenhouse is a very tempting thing to have especially when you live in an area that has a seasonal climate or unfavorable weather for growing your own plants. With a greenhouse, gardeners are able … Continue reading

The Benefits of Holding a California Marijuana Card

While Colorado and Washington get all the credit for legalizing recreational marijuana for the masses, it was California that proved itself to be a trailblazer when it legalized medical marijuana in 1996 – at a time where no other state … Continue reading

A Good CBD Cleanser Will Be Great For Your Skin

The demand for CBD oil in skincare products and hair care products is increasing as more people learn of the benefits. Companies are learning that they can infuse the oil into their products and that they can have better products … Continue reading

What is an EC System and How Topical CBD and THC Products Can Help It

There’s a lot of talk about the benefits of products such as topical CBD but little real understanding of how these benefits actually come about. Learning about your endocannabinoid system and how products such as transdermal CBD can help to … Continue reading

Here are the top five reasons to buy hemp tinctures

If you want to jump onto the cbd bandwagon, then you are doing the right thing to promote health and wellbeing. In fact, this is a great way to ensure that you are boosting your health to the best of … Continue reading

Distillate Edibles and You

Are you looking for some cannabis distillate edibles that can help you ingest the THC that you want without you having to smoke it? After all, many people now know that smoking can be damaging to the lungs. In addition, … Continue reading

Reasons Why You Should Avoid Cheap Vape Pens

If you want a great vaping experience, then stick to the real deal. If you are going to stock up on your vape pens then consider Wholesale vape pens. This way you are going to have exciting vaping experiences for … Continue reading

5 Ways to Take Advantage of Visual Merchandising in Your Marijuana Dispensary Store Design

Over the past few years, the effects of visual merchandising on shoppers have become quite evident to retail store owners. With the level of observation and research focused on the subject, it can now be said that visual merchandising is … Continue reading

Things You Need To Know Before Visiting a Marijuana Dispensary

You do not just storm a marijuana dispensary the same way you do a cafeteria. Visiting a marijuana dispensary takes a totally different approach to make your purchase successful. This may be a whole new experience to most people, especially … Continue reading

How to Start Working in the Closed Loop Extractor Segment

Are you prepared to jump in the lab and to take the heat that may be present in your proverbial kitchen? Are you prepared to learn what a closed loop extractor system is and what it can do for your … Continue reading

The Closer the Recreational Marijuana The Better

Convenience will always be king and the closer something is, the better it is for the consumers of that product. This is true for recreational marijuana users as well. This need for instant gratification by the acquisition of a product … Continue reading

Dispensary Business Software is Vital to Success

The Advent of Advanced Dispensary Software is a Benefit to the Marijuana Community The dispensary business software industry is one to watch as there is a variety of players operating within this space. Who can blame them? It is a … Continue reading

How Can Cannabis Living Soil Help You Grow Better Plants?

If you have recently started dabbling into the marijuana cultivation sector, then you must have heard of the term cannabis living soil. Depending upon the place where you heard the term, you have may also heard a number of praises … Continue reading

Find the Best Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Are you looking for a medical marijuana dispensary to help you get the marijuana that you need to feel better? Maybe you’ve been using a dispensary but you’re not happy with the product you’ve been getting are you moved and … Continue reading

A Good CBD Store Will Have Cannabis and Hemp Products

The best way to find a CBD store near your area is to look online. The Store of Club Releaf has just about everything that you could want in the way of hemp and cannabidiol products. There are so many … Continue reading

Things to Remember While Shopping from a Cannabis Dispensary in Denver

Over the past few years, Colorado has established itself as the prime spot to find a cannabis dispensary in the country. It has been prominent to the point where it is not only considered a hub for medical cannabis, but … Continue reading

You Can Find a Cannabis Activist and Speaker in Dr. B As He Advocates For Medical Marijuana

If you are looking for a doctor who will listen to you and help you with your medical condition when other methods haven’t worked, you may want to consider talking to the doctor of Mark Braunstein. He is a psychiatrist … Continue reading

Greenhouse Design Is Very Important to the Owner

When it comes to commercial greenhouse supplies, you can get everything that you need from the right company that builds and supplies greenhouses. A great company to consider working with is GGS Structures. They are a great company that has … Continue reading

Topical Cannabis and You

Are you considering topical cannabis to help treat some of your medical conditions? Maybe you have heard about it online, or maybe your medical professional has talked to you about it. No matter your reason for looking into topical cannabis, … Continue reading

You Will Love Having Your Own Medical Marijuana Identification Card

Are you wondering how to get a marijuana card in your state? Are you suffering with an illness that you feel may be helped with the cannabis? If you have read about others getting help with their medical conditions through … Continue reading

Need a Medicinal Marijuana Program?

Are you looking for a medicinal marijuana program that can meet all of your needs? Are you looking for a high-quality product at a reasonable price so that you can afford to use medical marijuana to improve your life? It … Continue reading

Is Medical Cannabis For You?

Are you trying to decide if medical cannabis is a good way to treat your medical condition? Maybe you’ve heard of medical cannabis and you know that it helps people like you, but you’re not sure about trying it because … Continue reading

Medical Cannabis Oil and You

Did you know that medical cannabis oil may be able to treat conditions that people have struggled to treat four years? Many people have found comfort and freedom through the use of medical cannabis oil. If you are struggling with … Continue reading

What Are the Ideal Properties of Good Marijuana Soil?

If you are thinking to take your first foray into the world of cannabis cultivation, then you are in for a treat. Selecting your favorite kinds of seeds to grow, finding the perfect home for them within your garden or … Continue reading

Go Online to Find a Recreational Marijuana Shop Near You

Though marijuana usage has been controversial for many years, it is now legal in some states including Washington. Medial marijuana has also been a huge success with many people and many states that don’t have legal marijuana have legalized the … Continue reading

4 Questions to Ask Your Bud Trimming Machine Seller

It’s a well-known fact that a good bud trimmer doesn’t come cheap; however, since price is not a true representation of quality, the bud trimming solution could often turn out to be made of poor quality materials. Keeping this in … Continue reading

Starting Your First Cannabis Soil Adventure – Things to Consider Before You Start Growing Your Own Cannabis

Whether you have been gardening with flowers or produce in the past or if you are about to have your very first foray into this world with cannabis cultivation itself, getting your hands on your first batch of cannabis soil … Continue reading