5 Ways to Take Advantage of Visual Merchandising in Your Marijuana Dispensary Store Design

Over the past few years, the effects of visual merchandising on shoppers have become quite evident to retail store owners.

With the level of observation and research focused on the subject, it can now be said that visual merchandising is one of those factors that could either make or break a retail store business.

Large chain stores actually develop floor plans on a monthly basis and have them enacted throughout their network of stores. Whereas, individual stores also give significant attention to the segment and ensure that their products are arranged using top of the line store fixtures and display items.

dispensary store design


And when it comes to setting up a cannabis dispensary in Denver, Colorado, the stakes get very high. After all, you are throwing your hat in the ring along with an array of other dispensaries that practically offer the same services. Something has to make you stand you apart from your competitors.


Why couldn’t it be your dispensary store design?

Thus, it is only prudent to take advantage of visual merchandising through cannabis dispensary store fixture design.


How Visual Merchandising Can Help in Your Dispensary Store Design?

In a city that is known for its “pot tourism”, finding cannabis boutiques at every street is a common experience. That is where the following visual merchandising tips can help you set yourself apart from others offering the same service and products.


Use Shelves to Your Advantage

A well-placed shelf that highlights your most valuable products can benefit you more than you think. Similarly, having special store fixtures and display structures strategically placed throughout your store could help you immensely in showcasing your products.


Make Use of Colors

Playing with color combinations is yet another way of drawing your customers’ attention towards your products. Since cannabis items could come in bright packaging, you could use well-placed colors together to call your customers towards corresponding products.


Let Your Customers Browse at Their Own Pace

Even if you have a small space, make sure that your dispensary store design has a layout that lets your customers go through your merchandise on their own. This makes sure that they get plenty of time and freedom to make the decision of buying a product or showing interest on their own. With that being said, have friendly staff available to make suggestions accordingly.


Have “Resting Space” Available Between Crowded Merchandise Displays

This goes a long way into making sure that your dispensary store design doesn’t seem cluttered with merchandise. It also ensures that your prime offerings don’t seem to be drowning among each other. It helps your customers have a clear frame of mind to think about their purchase decisions.


Make Sure to Have Special Showcase Stands Available for New Items

If you keep displaying the same items in the same stands for months, then your customers may not be too excited with the experience of browsing through your cannabis store anymore. Thus, ensure to keep stocking and showcasing new items in your store fixtures and display to garner your customers’ interest accordingly.

Bring better design to you store today.